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The Rumours Are True

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on December 8, 2013 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (2)

Yes, it's true; we're closing the doors.  Forever.  We just can't sustain it anymore, guys, We're sorry.  Our last day is December 15.  We cannot be responsible to our consignment clients for their things after that date.

Our webstore will be expanding considerably and you'll still be able to order through us.  If you have anything existing on order, drop me a line and I will either refund your money if you paid in advance, or I will add it to the next web order we make from the appropriate supplier and see that you get it as soon as I can.

I will still be offering a variety of services out of my home, which I am renovating a little to accommodate: Tarot, scrying (crystal ball or mirror readings,) runecasting, mediumship, channelled psychic readings, tea leaf readings, and Reiki healing.  Erin will still be available for Tarot and my new partner Jamie does shiatsu massage; come and get a full healing package starting in the New Year!  (Or get a gift certificate for a loved one.)  All of this in more privacy and luxury than I ever could offer at the store.  Drop me a line to get the address and directions.

I'll also be offering a variety of online services and classes through my Spreecast channel and my" target="_blank">Google+ account.  Go to my website for more information.

I will continue to offer classes on witchcraft at home as well.

If you want something, now's the time, because I don't know when it will be available via retail again!  And come take advantage of our book clearance from the library etc.: $2.50 per paperback or $10 for five; $5 per hardcover or $10 for 3.

Drop me a line if you want to know more about any of these changes.  I wish you all well in your future endeavours.  Blessed be.

The Threads is Holding a Prize Draw for Samhain!

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on October 1, 2013 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)
The Threads That Bind Us is celebrating Samhain and our new partnership by offering a special customer appreciation prize draw!  We're drawing on October 31st, and one lucky client or customer will win:

* One black tourmaline pendulum $25 value
* One 20 minute Tarot reading $20 value
* One 20 minute Reiki session $20 value
* One year free membership to the Metaphysical Library $20 value
* One "Romance Package" - contains cinnamon incense, rose quartz, handmade rose soap, rose and patchouli essential oil blend, red candle $15 value
* Your choice of one of Sable's CDs $12.50 value

A purchase of $25 or more gets you one ticket to enter the draw; $50 or more gets you three tickets; and $100 or more gets you five!  (Limit one entry per customer, but we can add it up over the course of the month.)

Pre-orders count towards the required purchases as long as you pay at least part of the cost in advance, and don't forget that we're doing a big Azuregreen order near Samhain so you'll have your ritual supplies by Yule!  Also, now is the time to pre-order your 2014 calendars and datebooks.  Come into the store to browse our ready-made catalogue of selections specifically printed for our shop!

See you soon - and good luck!

Blessed be,

"More Than One Way Home" - The Medium, the Witch & the Shaman on CBC Radio

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on November 7, 2012 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Some time ago I mentioned that the Medium, the Witch & the Shaman were to appear on CBC Radio as part of a series on spirituality in the Okanagan, and I promised to post the link. It took a while, but here it is! I think it's a lovely feature and I'd like to thank Madonna Hamil for her passionate interview. Enjoy!


More Than One Way Home Part 3: Mediums, Witches and Shamen



February Events at Threads

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on February 7, 2012 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey there folks! Just a quick line to let you know what's happening over the next month or so.


The Medium, the Witch & the Shaman drop in days are no more; neither is the Discussion Night. However, we are all still available by appointment, and the Messages from Spirit event remains; though it will be a larger event that will be happening a couple of times a year. Stay tuned for dates, times & locations.


We are having a Winter Psychic Fair in conjunction with the Winter Carnival on Friday, Feb. 10 from 2 pm to 7 pm. Admission is a non-perishable food donation or $2 for the Food Bank, and it will cost you our excellent promotional price of $10 for a 15 minute reading or service.


To celebrate the fact that we won the Best Overall Entry Not a Float in the Winter Carnival Parade with our "Quidditch Team" in the theme of "Sporting with Carnival," we had 100 coupons to give out that offer great savings and promotions in the store, and we will continue to offer one per purchase throughout the month while supplies last. Come and get yours!


Last chance to get your calendars and datebooks is now; after February, they will be gone.


My first Eight Paths of Power class for the year is being offered Sunday, Feb. 19 at 11 am to 5 pm. The first class is on Intent. Cost is $50 per person and PRE-REGISTRATION (and payment) is required. If there are less than 3 people registered I will not run the class.


The more advanced classes (6 through 8) will be offered as part of a special Retreat Weekend in July. You MUST have completed the other classes 1 through 5 to qualify for this one. More information about price and times will follow over the next few weeks.


See you soon!


Blessed be,

Peace Begins With Us - A Remembrance Day Poem

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on November 11, 2011 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The rat-a-tat-tat of enemy fire

Startles you awake.

You crouch in the trench with a pounding heart,

Your loved ones' lives at stake.


Your friends about you scream and die;

It echoes 'cross the field;

You swear to them you'll win the war,

A promise locked and sealed.


And as another shrieks in pain -

A shocked and dying bleat -

You load your rifle, whisper prayers,

And stagger to your feet.


A bullet kisses by your ear.

A friend collapses, dead.

You wish in sorrow it had hit

Your temple, or forehead.


With a snarl of rage you fire back,

And people drop like flies,

And as you watch, the one who shot

Your friend is hit, and dies.

And when the War is over, done,

You return to your friend's grave.

In your dreams you blame yourself;

His life you might have saved.


Staring at the poppies blowing

You study the what-if.

What if you'd refused to fight?

Would that have saved ol' Biff?


No, your mind informs you sadly.

No, that it would not.

He would have gone on anyway.

He would have gone and fought.


Only if there is no war

Can those lives lost be saved.

If there are battles to be fought,

Then battles will be braved.


"So how can such things be prevented?"

You enquire of your mind.

"Just one man cannot create

"From hatred, a friendship bind!"


Remind the others of the pain

That fighting war provides.

No one wants to lose their friends,

Their families, or their lives.


You've seen a War, your mind goes on.

You know what it can do.

And you look down, and see a blood-red

Poppy by your shoe.

"I'll pick a day," you say, "for us

"To remember those we lost.

"I'll say to them, well, we have peace,

"But this is what it cost.


"The Was was ended at eleven

"On the 'leventh of November,

"And all these poppies growing . . .

"I'll use them to help remember."

So the next November 'leventh finds you

Standing on the street.

You're handing out red poppies

And staring at your feet.


"Thank you," says a woman, smiling,

"But tell me, what's this for?"

"To remember those," you say to her,

"Who perished in the War."


"Were you involved?" she asks with interest,

"Or is this just good will?"

"Lady," you reply, "I fought,

"And I am fighting still.


"It just takes one to start a war,

"And two to keep the peace.

"If we agree we don't want war,

"Then maybe wars will cease.


"Recording info into books

"Is useless, collecting dust.

"We have to remember those who died,

"'Cause peace begins with us."


The woman takes the poppy, and

Pins it to her blouse,

And as she continues past, you say,

"Biff, I kept my vows."

- Diane Morrison, 1986

November & December 2011 Announcements for The Threads That Bind Us

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on November 4, 2011 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey, have you noticed that it's getting cold out there? Leaf raking party at my place this weekend! You bring the rakes and your back muscle and I'll bring the beer and pizza. :)


The construction is almost done! Yay!


I have a couple of cool announcements for November and December.


First, starting this Saturday and continuing through the month of November, we are having a red tag clearance sale to make way for new inventory! All red tagged items will be 25% to 50% off! This is *only* for November; on December 1st, the red tags come off and all items are restored to regular price. Let us reward you for doing your Yuletide shopping ahead of the game. :)


All those orders I have been waiting for will be arriving during November. Speaking of which, it's time once again to pre-order your 2012 calendars. Witches' Calendar, WeMoon Datebook, Astrological Calendar, Faeries, Goddesses, and more available! Come in and browse from the catalogue to place your order! Special orders are guarenteed to receive what they have requested, while others will have to choose from between a couple of our more popular options, while supplies last.


On Saturday November 19th, 10 am to 1 pm, the Medium, the Witch and the Shaman will be offering a class on "Crystal Healing for All Paths." Cost is $66; please preregister! Minimum class size: 3 students or we will not run the class.


We have a new practitioner! Please welcome Lida, who will be in for drop ins on Thursdays. She will be offering Craniosacral Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Massage and Amethyst Bio-Matt Treatments. If you have not experienced the Amethyst Bio-Matt, let me personally recommend it! It is a slightly heated matt made of crushed amethyst, which produces negative ions like a salt lamp, and aids your body's natural healing processes. During a Body and Soul Wellness Fair, Erin, who suffers from chronic nerve pain, had a half-hour long treatment and said that he felt no pain for three full days, and was in considerably less pain for a month afterwards. I have also had very positive experiences with the Bio-Matt. Lida's services will be available at the standard shop rates and she may also be available by appointment.


The Medium, the Witch and the Shaman are returning to the store on Wednesdays for drop-ins, except that we will be available from 1 pm to 5 pm (not 11 am to 3 pm,) and we will be there on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, but not the second or fourth. We will continue to do our discussion group and podcast on the first Wednesday of every month at 6 pm, but Messages from Spirit will be on the third Wednesday of the month instead of the last Friday, again at 6 pm when the store closes. All other aspects of the Messages from Spirit event remain the same; you need to register in advance if possible because we will take a maximum of a dozen people, the fee is $10 and every attendee gets a personal message! Erin and I will be available in the store for drop ins Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and Rowean will be available Tuesdays and Saturdays.


Our last Discussion Group for the year will be on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 6 pm, and the topic will be "Ascension and the Mind/Spirit Connection" - how the energy changes affect your mood and thinking process (it might not be menopause!) We will not be doing a Messages from Spirit event in December or January, and there will be no Discussion Group in January either, nor Medium, Witch, Shaman drop in days, though all will be available by appointment. All of these things will resume in February.


The first of the Heart of Wicca Discussion Groups with Mystara Loughnah, 2nd degree High Priestess in the Star Sapphire tradition, happened on the first of November. Several people came out and we welcome you! The second one will be at 6 pm on the evening of December 6th. Donations welcome but it is free to attend.


There are plans in the works to create an online Webinar variation of the Eight Paths of Power for those of you who are interested in learning at a distance; please stay tuned for more information!


The Elder Futhark Runes class has been cancelled until further notice, and we will be closed on Remembrance Day (of course). PLEASE NOTE our December schedule! Last year I warned people a month in advance that we would be CLOSED over the SOLSTICE, and people still complained about us not being open when they wanted to do last minute shopping. We *will* be open on the 23rd and Christmas Eve this year, but not on the 21st and 22nd. Consult the December events or Calendar page for more details. We hope you have a happy holiday, whichever one you choose to celebrate! Also, please note that our winter hours begin Jan. 1 and last until the Spring Equinox, meaning that we will be closing at 5 pm daily during that time.


Don't forget that gift certificates are available for products or services, and they make a great stocking stuffer!


Very exciting news; my friend Shadowcat, a Reiki Master-Teacher only four initiations removed in direct lineage from Dr. Usui, Reiki's founder, is willing to come to the Threads to teach and initiate! Please contact me if you are interested so that we can set the date. Costs to be determined by numbers of registrants (the more people, the less expensive it will be) and should range in the neighbourhood of $100 to $150 each.


Please sign up as site members to receive our newsletters and announcements!


See you soon!

Blessed be,

The Threads That Bind Us

3004 B 31st Street


V1T 5H7


New Events Added to October & November Calendar

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on October 17, 2011 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Check out the new events added to the store calendar for October and November, including a Hallowe'en Psychic Fair on Friday the 28th and a class on Crystal Healing for All Paths with the Medium, the Witch & the Shaman on Nov. 19!

Blessed be,


New Stuff and Plans in the Works

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on October 11, 2011 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I've been pretty quiet online for a while, resting and recuperating from a very very busy summer.  I was away from home for a total of two full months between May and September with all the travelling I was doing, and I needed to put my head down and get a little rest; from people, from the store, from work, from things online.  But I'm beginning to recover my bearings now as I nurture my soul a little.  I've been doing some painting (it's not ready for display yet,) and I have started writing fiction again with a fan fiction fantasy novel.

The construction in front of the shop is almost finished, and I hope you will come and brave it and the weather to see us before All Hallows'!  I'm currently offering a 10% discount on all my Tarot readings.

I must admit that I'm a little behind on my orders, partially because things have not been available and partially because the funds have been tight, since the construction seems to have driven a lot of our business away.  But I have not been idle, and I have lots of new products you may not have seen, most of them handmade by me or someone else.  We have Celtic style tapestries that would double as excellent altar clothes, handmade arbutus wood besoms, handpainted boxes, handmade soapstone and beadwork pipes, new handpainted pentacles, and the long-awaited smudging fans that many of you have asked me to get!

Our drop-in days with the Medium, the Witch and the Shaman have resumed every second Wednesday, along with our Discussion Group, classes, and Messages from Spirit.  Our Elder Futhark runes class is still running as well.

I am proceeding with my Pagan Pathfinders Podcast this fall, recording this weekend.  I am behind on uploads, but we have been recording and I will be catching up very soon.  I will also continue, now that I'm not driving all over the world, with my account of my trip to Montreal for the Canadian National Pagan Conference.

Last but not least, I do hope you will join us for the T. Thorn Coyle event this weekend!

I have been quiet, but not idle.

Blessed be,

Witches' Ball 2011 Cancelled

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on October 11, 2011 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Please note that this year's Witches' Ball has been cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to reintroduce the event next year! Ticket refunds, for those who have purchased one, are available at The Threads That Bind Us.

Blessed be,


The Creative Process

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on July 1, 2011 at 2:48 PM Comments comments (0)

I am not a painter. No one ever told me in art class that I had any particular talent. I got consistant Bs, which isn't bad, of course, but there are other areas of my life in which I received much greater accolades.   I was not encouraged to pursue art.  Mostly such things were politely ignored.


My parents didn't encourage me to pursue writing or music, either; other areas where I had actually received several accolades through my school career.  They were big on getting a stable income and then doing these things on the side.  But they didn't have the money to send me to university even though I excelled at acedemics, and I was too depressed as a teenager to successfully pursue scholarships.  I didn't want to start my life with a great big debt when I didn't really know where I was going.


At one time, I figured I was going to be a professional author or a musician, and since both pursuits had been actively discouraged as impractical, lazy, and whimsical, I was cut loose and drifting.  I went from school into the Recession, with no trade training, no history of clerical work, no post-secondary education, and a dreamer's soul.  I suffered through long periods of unemployment and nowhere jobs that I loathed.  I was a server at a malt stop, a housekeeper, a fruit picker, a babysitter, an underpaid care aide (a job that lasted exactly two days) and finally a tow truck, delivery service, and taxi dispatcher.  I made nothing or less than nothing, often taking less than the legal minimum wage.  I lived at less than subsistence poverty level for many years.  I have been poor enough to not be able to pay the gas bill in the winter in a dive of a place where we couldn't get equal payments because of the high energy costs, and I heated my bath water in pots on the stove, warmed the place as best I could with space heaters and my oven, and endured three months of pneumonia.


I was delighted when I finally got the taxi dispatcher job.  At least it was a job that paid a little bit more than minimum wage for full time work!  Never mind that the job description should be "professional target for abuse"; from the customers on the other end of the phone when their taxi was later than they desired, from the drivers who lived or died on the calls they got and therefore tried every dirty trick in the book to abuse, manipulate, whine and cajole until they got special treatment, from co-workers who wanted better shifts and more attention, and from the owner, who viewed everyone in her employ as a personal serf, or perhaps a poorly-functioning robot.  I was called a bitch at least once a day, but at least I could pay my ridiculous heating bill!


In many ways, my husband's accident was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I suppose that sounds really horrible to say.  But it drove me from that horrible taxi job for many reasons.  And it also taught me that there was a big difference between "can't" and "don't want to" or "am afraid to."  I found I could do anything when I really had no choice - pick my 280 pound husband up and put him in a car; carry 50 pounds of groceries for 45 minutes; learn to drive even though I was terrified; live alone; turn a little thrift store that I bought for $2000 into a respectable little metaphysical business; face the imminent loss of the man I loved more than my own life.


This lesson has begun to make its way into areas of my life where I have traditionally defeated myself because of lack of self-confidence.  Once again, I am pursuing my dream of writing; my business is growing in a time when most of the others in my field are going out of business; I'm singing again and working towards getting some new things recorded; and I thought, "Why not try my hand at artwork?"  The crafted items I have made for the store seem to be doing reasonably well.  I have painted many things; pentacles, feng shui charms, boxes, etc., and people buy them; not quickly, but they do.

Once, just a couple of years out of high school when some of us were coming together to form the beginnings of the Okanagan Pagan community, I painted some pentacles for myself and my friends.  I did this because you can't seem to buy pentacles at stores, even metaphysical stores.  I sold some of them at the local metaphysical shop on consignment (Dreamweaver at the time,) but eventually they were given back to me because they weren't moving fast enough.  I gave that idea up, of course.  But you know, on my recent cross-Canada trip, I stayed with many friends whom I hadn't seen much of since that time, and I'll be damned if everyone who had purchased, or been given, one of my pentacles doesn't still seem to have them.  I know this because I saw their altars and there they were, usually being used as centerpieces.  That's encouraging!


I have toyed with the idea of taking up painting for a long time.  I have no less than five blank canvasses at my house.  I've picked them up here and there - at the dollar stores, at Wal-Mart - and I've done nothing.  I have lots of excuses:  "Not enough time," "Don't have any good ideas," "Paints are separating," "Not in the mood," but the truth is, I just looked at that empty canvas and thought, "What if I mess it up?"


Silly, really.  The answer, of course, is, "You buy another canvas and start over or do something else.  You got them at the dollar store; how expensive can they be?"  I'll buy snacks and a good coffee when I'm out on the road, and I'll buy restaurant food at work, so why be so afraid of spending money on a little canvas?


I was supposed to be going to a festival this weekend - I'm very good at filling my days with stuff to keep me busy - but decided against it at the last minute and determined to take an actual weekend off over Canada Day.  I know perfectly well that nobody is really going to show up over the long weekend at the shop, so why waste my time?  And I had a practical project that I wanted to do that gave me an excuse to use that blank canvas; I needed something to cover the back of my desk at the shop, which is facing outward from my till area and is nothing but ugly pressboard.


I went to the dollar store again and bought an enormous canvas.  It was the biggest one they had.  I need that much area to cover the back of the desk.  Now this was really intimidating.  So much canvas to destroy!  I waited for a couple of weeks before I even took it out of the plastic wrapper.


I started painting the background with the base coat.  I have several acrylic paints.  You used to be able to get them at the dollar stores and I have been accumulating them for years.  Some of them have indeed separated now and will have to be replaced.  I started with a very neutral iron black, and then a midnight blue.  I had this idea of a Goddess and God image making the cosmos.  I wasn't really sure where to start, so I started with black.  I laid out the canvas on my picnic table and painted as I chatted with some friends who came to visit.


One of my friends is an accumulator of useful items.  She would be a hoarder, really, except that she generously gives away said items to people who seem to be able to use them.  And she informed me that she had an old homemade wooden easel that was big enough to handle the canvas I had chosen; did I want it?  Would that be easier for me?


Well, of course I said yes, so she brought it over in her big van.  It really is a monstrosity of a thing.  It's bigger than I am and made of unsanded plywood.  I still have a sliver from it, actually.  But a) it was free and b) it was exactly what I needed.


I waited until my day off, pulled out the easel and because it was a cold day, I brought it in from outside and put it in the kitchen, where the light is better.  I brought in my box of paints and sat them on the kitchen counter.  I got my packages of dollar store paintbrushes out.  I don't know what the technique was.  I've never had a formal art lesson.  All I had was an idea and a desire.


I went to my computer and started Googling nebula images.  I wanted to use nebulae to represent the raw starstuff of Creation.  I have had some success with that glowy star look in the past by dry brushing on a dark background.  I figured I would give it a try.  Because the pictures were square and the canvas was rectangular, I decided to combine two nebulae into one image as my background.  I started with the Crescent Nebula because it almost looked like a landscape to me:


Then I found this image of something called the Cygnet Loop Nebula, with a lovely lightning-strike like cloud that made me think of the God instantly and His dynamic, fertilizing energy: "Deep calls upon height, the Goddess on the God, She on the flame who quickens Her . . ."  and I thought that the colours would combine well with the Crescent Nebula to make the whole rainbow spectrum:

I didn't realize this, but I included an image of this nebula in my Great Rite video, which I used because it looked to me like a lightning seed striking the sky with the force of Creation.

I figured I would overlap the two somehow in the middle, and then I would use something called the Eskimo Nebula to represent the cosmic zygote of Creation:

Why they call this the "Eskimo Nebula" I have not the foggiest notion.  It looks to me like a fertilized cell growing and dividing, illuminated by sun rays.  I'm probably going to work with it again.

I thought, then, that I would add nebula-like images of the Goddess and the God to either side.  I had a vague idea for a dancing Goddess based on the Phoenix Nebula (yes, this really exists!):

And I thought maybe I would have the God shooting a cosmic seed at the zygote.  This is called the Elephant's Trunk Nebula:

So I printed these images out on my colour laser printer, which helped but did not quite capture the same light qualities as the computer images.  I brought them into the kitchen and taped them to the top of my easel over my canvas with masking tape.  I put on some trancy, almost lyricless music (Delirium and other such sounds that I had on my hard drive).  Grooving to the sound, I started to paint.

I repainted the canvas in a darker black because I could tell I would need the contrast to get the nebula colours right.  It came out flatter than I wanted.  Usually I spray Varathane on my wooden painted items when I am done to protect them, which makes the black shinier, but I knew I wouldn't be doing that with canvas.  I decided to go over it again with a wash of "Sequin Metallic Black" to make a slightly shinier look.  Of course I didn't mix it perfectly and that created some banding that you can see if you look closely, but I figured I was going to cover it with my Goddess anyway and decided not to worry about it.  Ultimately I think it gave the sky texture and depth, and it provided the deeper black look that I wanted.

I knew that I would have to start with the darker colours in the nebulae and work from there into the brighter colours if it was going to work right, and I have limited palate space (I was using plastic Gladware lids and a washed-out sushi container.)  I also knew that I would have to get just the tiniest bit on the brush to make it look right or it would get too big and too bright too fast.  I also knew from past experience that when using light paint on a dark background, it is easier to start dark and make it brighter than it is to make it darker once you've gone too bright.  Also, being nebulae, I figured that transparent gas clouds should look free flowing and natural, so I fought my natural instinct to be fussy, and though I was careful to dab just the slightest amount of paint on the edge of my brush and then wipe it off, I wasn't too careful about my movements with the brush and let it happen naturally.    Sometimes it didn't blend quite right on the canvas texture, so I wet my finger and smeared it around like fingerpainting.  I wanted the paint to seem to glow slightly as well, so I made use of a technique that I'd tried effectively when painting stars before; I mixed in just a tiny bit of a metallic paint with each of the colours I used.  Fortunately, I like metallic paints and have something in just about every colour of the rainbow, so was able to match at least the general shade:

I had yet to add the red shades when Steve, whom we live with and is part of our extended family, got home from his new job.  I told him all my plans and he said, "It looks great!  It seems to me like that might get a little busy, but I'm sure you'll make it work."  I realized that he was right.  It was going to get too busy if I did everything I wanted to do.  Time to minimize.

I had decided not to paint that yellow part in the Crescent Nebule because I was going to put my zygote there, and I didn't have the red shades yet and wasn't sure what I was doing from this point.  I figured I would put my bright phoenix goddess in the dark sky part above my Crescent Nebula image, but I knew the God therefore had to go in the bottom right hand corner, where I had left out the yellow parts of the Cygnet Loop Nebula to make room for Him under the "lightning" strike, and I wasn't sure how I was going to work it.   Originally I was thinking of the Deities as sillhouettes in the yellow parts of those images.  But then it struck me that what I had done with the Cygnet Loop, without the red bits, looked like it was all shooting out of that bottom corner (see above,) and the Crescent Nebula, with all its greens and blues, looked like a river of starts going past a green shoreline:

Then I saw the solution like a flash in my mind's eye.  The God would be a glowing golden nebula with golden antlers on His head, spinning space, and the Goddess would be a silver icon of beauty, rising triumphantly from the river of Her creation with those perfectly-placed stars in Her hands and a silver crescent on Her brow.  I asked my nephew, an athletically built young man, to come and stand in such a way that he could have been spinning the pink nebulae from his hands, and painted his silhouette in glowing bronze tinted orange, then yellow, which I did as quickly as possible so he wouldn't have to stand there in an uncomfortable position forever.  This is the result:

After that, I painted a white-silver silhouette Goddess as I envisioned Her.  My final touches were to paint the antlers pure bronze with pure metallic gold outlining instead of just gold because it matched the colouration better, and to limn my Goddess in purple and pink, with stars streaming from Her hair:

The part that makes me happiest is that I managed to communicate with Their postures alone the joy of life that I think They share with me.  They are obviously having fun creating the Universe - as it should be.

So here is my final result, and I'm very proud of it!  It took courage to do it; it isn't exactly how I originally thought it would be, but I opened myself to the possibilities when I asked my Deities to help me communicate the beauty of Them and Their creation, and I was deeply inspired.  It took me eight hours in a single day.  My clan thinks I could sell it, but I think I'm kind of reluctant to part with the original.  After all, I'm not a painter!

Why did I blog about all this?  I thought maybe others might be encouraged to explore their own latent creativity through my journey.  I was very happy with the results of this project and I'm going to do more painting.  Maybe people will want buy my work, and maybe they won't.  Either way, I enjoyed it and I feel good about it, and isn't that what it's all about?  The creative process is just that, and nothing ever turns out exactly the way you consciously intended it.  Doesn't mean that it isn't great though, and I did manage to communicate my original intention - painting the Creation of the Universe as my Deities may have built it; in colour and chaos, celebration and cosmic beauty - much more effectively than if I had tried to control the whole process.  Get out of your own way and let inspiration guide you!  And don't let your doubts stop you.  You really can do anything.

Blessed be,


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