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New Events Added to October & November Calendar

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Check out the new events added to the store calendar for October and November, including a Hallowe'en Psychic Fair on Friday the 28th and a class on Crystal Healing for All Paths with the Medium, the Witch & the Shaman on Nov. 19!

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An aura is the three-dimensional energy field that surrounds the bodies of all beings and things. The healthier you are, and/or the more you work to develop your healing abilities and your spirituality, the further the aura will extend out from your body. We don't really understand the nature of the aura. Some believe it is a separate "emotional body" that exists in the same space as our "physical body." Some believe it is a representation of our spirit, and others believe that it is a representation of our life-force. Probably it is all of the above and neither.


How to read the Aura

Find a place where there isn't any harsh light. Focus on one part of your body, preferably your hand. Relax and concentrate on your hand lines. If you’re relaxed enough, you’ll first see a shade, either dark or light, surrounding your hand. Eventually you will notice a single colour on the edges of your peripheral vision, which is likely to be the predominent colour in your aura or a reflection of any powerful moods you may be experiencing while you do this exercise. With time you might be able to see several colours.


Auras can be seen physically, or sensed psychically. One way to see someone's aura is to have the subject stand in front of a white background. If you look at the person for a while you’ll see some sort of wavy lines of energies, and also maybe a couple of aura colours. Try the following exercise:


Stand in front of a mirror at a distance of about half a meter, with a wall of neutral colour some distance behind you. Alternatively, get a friend to stand about 1 meter away from you and 2 meters from a neutral wall. Dim the lights. Relax, and breathe deeply and evenly. Focus your eyes on the wall behind the head.


Gently sway your body from side to side (or tell your friend to if looking at someone else). As you stare past the outline of the head, you should be able to see an envelope of light - that's the aura! Keep trying if you are unsuccessful immediately. Like anything else, it takes practice.


Another thing to note is that not all of us sense things best with our eyes. Some of us are very tactile, others are auditory, and still others are olfactory. I "feel" auras, and subtle changes in them that indicate problems, much more easily than I "see" them. Others might "hear" vibration or ringing, something like a finger on a wine glass or a singing bowl. Others might "smell" pleasant or unpleasant odours that they associate with feelings and memories. None of these is superior to any other! Remember that in any case, this is your sixth sense that you are using to perceive the aura, and any effect, be it visual, auditory, or whatever, is your mind's interpretation of that sixth sense. Don't be discouraged if you find one method difficult; learn to work with the information you are receiving.


Common Aura Colours

The following is a list of aura colours that are associated with various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Red: The colour of strength, passion, impulsiveness and will.

Orange: colour of affection, kindness, and creativity. The muddier shades denote vanity, while golden orange represents self-control. Muddier colours may also indicate kidney or bowel troubles.

Yellow: Mental activity, optimism, perfectionism, responsibility, sometimes shyness.

Green: The colour of sympathy and reliability. The person may be an effective healer and is likely deeply concerned about the well-being of others. Dark shades of green however indicate one who is jealous or hesitant.

Blue: The colour of calm, and spiritual and material contentment. May sometimes represent a tendency to moodiness and depression.

Indigo/Violet: The colours of the seeker who has inborn psychic and intuitive abilities. Darker shades may show that the person often feels misjudged and misunderstood. May indicate heart or stomach trouble.

Black: The colour of self-protection. The person is good at ‘wearing masks’.

Pink: A compassionate person who is fond of the arts. Darker shades of pink may point to immaturity and irresponsibility.

White: Purity and honesty. A colour associated with spiritually evolved persons.

Silver: The person might be pregnant or is going to be soon! However, this is not always so. Seeing this may indicate a person who is allowing great creativity in their life. I often see shades of silver when one is Drawing Down the Moon.

Gold: I tend to see this colour when someone is Drawing Down the Sun.  I suppose that's probably why it is associated with spiritual enlightenment and "God" energy.


Sometimes you experience the interplay of an outside energy field upon your aura.

You can tell this is happening to you in the following circumstances:


• When you are around some people and you feel ‘drained’ and weak.

• When you feel there is someone staring at you intensely.

• When you have an instant liking or disliking for someone you’ve just met.

• When you sense someone’s presence before you saw this person.


Generally if you find it intrusive, there are methods of "psychic self-defense" that you can undertake to protect yourself. The simplest one is to cover your heart chakra. The typical method of doing this is to cross your arms across your chest, but this body language is sometimes interpreted as hostility so it may not be appropriate. You will sometimes see me protecting my heart chakra in the store by leaning on the counter with my hands on my chin and my arms in front of me. I find this creates a pose that implies that I am listening, without allowing the person I am speaking to to drain my energy. You may also find it helpful to protect your base chakra, which you can do by crossing your legs. Even crossing them at the ankles is helpful, and you can do that standing or sitting without most people taking offense.


Blessed be,

Forward and Onward

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What a great time we had yesterday with Natasha J. Rosewood!  Thanks, Natasha, for coming by our little shop!  We had a few readings with her (I got one myself; she was amazing!) and a very inspiring talk about reaching our full potential and pursuing our life purpose, guided by some psychic advice.  It was a lot of fun and I really hope we can do it again sometime!  Natasha was talking about coming back to the Okanagan in the fall, so here's hoping!


I don't know if you know this, but really, it was Natasha's book that inspired our little triumvirate, "The Medium, the Witch and the Shaman," to get our crap together, start writing, start teaching more workshops, start our Discussion Panel, get to some of the local fairs and festivals . . . and we're working!  We hope to be at the Wise Woman festival in Naramata this fall, and Victoria is offering more EFT workshops, starting with "Tapping Your Way to Abundance" on May 15.


This weekend I'm heading down to Vancouver for our Lower Mainland Beltane Fair, which was highly successful and a lot of fun near Yule.  I've been looking forward to it all winter and I'm especially looking forward to seeing my friends in the Lower Mainland again!  We will be featuring the finest Pagan merchants and crafters, as well as some live entertainment with CJ Jackman, Angelica Gallant, and me, and we will be selling muffins and putting out the hat for Pirates for the Cure, our Run for the Cure team to raise money to fight breast cancer.  There will be Vernon and Vancouver team members there!


April 21 is our next MWS Discussion Panel; this time the topic will be "Opening to Channel."  By donation, come on out!  Also available by Skype!  Starts at 6 pm.


April 22 we will be having our THIRD annual "Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Sale" for Earth Day!  Don't miss the great savings!  Make sure you bring in some plastic shopping bags and/or pop cans and bottles to benefit from the savings!


My next "Eight Paths of Power" Workshop, this one on "Trance," will be offered on Saturday April 24, and please note that the store will be CLOSED that day to further the class!  $25 per person, CWABC members free.  I will teach you all about how to achieve a trance state, and how to use that to create magick.


Thanks for your support and hope to see you soon!

Website Updates in Metaphysical Services!

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Over the past couple of days, in preparation for our Spiritual Discussion Panel, Victoria, Lois and I have been sitting down and putting our heads together to determine what kinds of skills and experience we have to offer in the metaphysical and alternative health fields.  Truthfully it's quite an amazing list!  This morning, I took that list and updated our "Metaphysical Services" page to reflect all the services we therefore offer here at The Threads That Bind Us.  It's really quite impressive, and I would encourage you all to have a look at it to see what might be of benefit to you.


When you come for a healing session, we will have a checklist available soon so that you can indicate which services you would like to benefit from at that time, and we will recommend a practitioner based on the services you request!  In some cases, two or even three practitioners may be needed.


We have also decided universally, in order to avoid confusion, to make our services available for a standard shop rate of $60 an hour, or $1 a minute; $1.50 a minute for couples ($90 an hour,) with special consideration given to the disabled and elderly.  No matter how many practitioners are working at once, this rate will not change (ie. it will not be doubled if you want both Thai massage, offered by Victoria, and crystal healing, offered by me.) The only exception to this is Tarot parties, which are available for $100 an hour.


We are also willing to work on an exchange or barter arrangement.


Since it is no longer needed, we have deleted our "Rates and Services" page.


And while I'm chatting about website updates, please note that in order to reflect the increased art focus of our shop, we have created a page called "Art & Artists" to detail our fine artists and showcase their works.


Our first Spiritual Discussion Panel went exceptionally well and a good time was had by all!  We look forward with eagerness and joy to the next one in March.


Speaking of events, don't miss Victoria's Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) workshop this weekend at 10 am at the store!  Learn how to use a natural system of accupressure to remove anxiety, combat addictions, relieve stress, reduce or remove chronic pain, and more.  Only $30 per person.


Blessed be,


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