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Updates for June 2011

Posted by thethreadsthatbindus on June 11, 2011 at 12:11 PM

At last, summer! For those of you who are keeping track of such things, I am back from my epic journey to Montreal, and while my car seems to have nearly disintegrated underneath me due to a badly marked road washout in Saskatchewan, the Lady has brought me safely back and I am back in the shop, getting caught up on the things I need to do. The air conditioner is safely installed so you will not blister in the sudden wave of heat!


I have tons of things to write for my blog about the Conference and the journey, but it will likely take a long time to get it all typed and written. Memories to last a lifetime and food for the soul! I especially welcome any of my new friends from the Canadian National Pagan Conference "Gaia Gathering" who see fit to join the list. Merry met!


The next couple of weeks are your last chance to benefit from the Medium, the Witch & the Shaman drop-in days over the summer. We will be in the shop from 11 am to 3 pm on June 1, 8 and 15; after that, drop-in days will not resume until September. Victoria and Lois will still be available by appointment over the summer, and I will be available for drop-in Tarot readings, Reiki, crystal healing, aromatherapy and mentoring on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, unless festivals or other responsibilities call me out of town. Selena will also be available for channelled readings, co-creative meditation, and counselling on Mondays; Erin will be available for drop-in Tarot readings, Reiki, mentoring and counselling on Tuesdays, and Rowean will be available for drop-in Tarot readings, Reiki and Henna body art on Thursdays and Saturdays.


The Medium, the Witch & the Shaman will continue with our Discussion Nights over the summer. Our next meeting is Wednesday, July 6 at 6 pm PDT, and our topic is "Spiritual Creativity." Join us in person or by Skype at medium.witch.shaman. For more details, check out the MWS website at, or the Podcast page at the Threads website


Our "Messages from Spirit" event will also be continuing through the summer, which is (usually) the last Friday evening of every month at 6 pm. The next one, however, is July 22 rather than the 29th. All are welcome, but there is only room for 12 people so you may wish to register in advance! In order to make sure that an individual intuitive and psychic message is available to each and every attendee, any more than a dozen people will be turned away. Selena Wong, our Reconnective Healing practitioner, intuitive counsellor and channeller, may be appearing in lieu of members of our trio over the summer as we take our holidays.


My Eight Paths of Power classes are also continuing through the summer near to the Wiccan Sabbats. "Intoxicants," which will study the use of incense, smudging, herbs, aromatherapy, and intoxicating substances in magick, will be held on Sunday, June 26th, and "Dance & Sacred Movement" will be held on July 17. Both classes are from 11 am to 5 pm. Cost is $50; please preregister.


There are plans in the works to create an online Webinar variation of the Eight Paths of Power for those of you who are interested in learning at a distance; please stay tuned for more information! I am aiming to have the first Webinar class, "Intent," ready for September.


Rowean and I will be starting a Ritual Magick study and practice group sometime in June or July. We will be using Donald Michael Kraig's book "Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts" as our study guide, and will draw from material of the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucians, OTO, Aleister Crowley, etc. If you have an interest in magick but are not a Wiccan, this may be a good group for you. Even if you are a Witch, the discipline in your study can't hurt you. Contact Rowean or here on FB for details.


This month, we will be holding another Mini Psychic Fair; this one in support of Pagan Pride! ALL profits made by the practitioners plus your $2 admission donation will go to support the event. Last year was amazing and this year we hope it will be even better! Come see us on Friday, June 17, from 3 pm to 7 pm for short sample readings and healing treatments at $10 for 15 minutes.


The day after that, Saturday, June 18, we will be at Downtown Vernon's enormous sidewalk sale on 30th Avenue, the Sunshine Festival! We'll have some great deals and promotions, and you'll be able to buy your crystals or get great readings in the warm summer sun! Come see us and the other great Downtown Vernon merchants as we put on our best show for you!


At the end of the month, we are planning to be at the brand-new Sun Wheel Festival in Alberta, sponsored by Where Faeries Live. Erin and I are both planning to present workshops and we will have the shop with us . . . though it will only be a carload, like what we brought to the Beltane Faire . . . our greatest effort this year in Alberta will still be for PanFest on the August long weekend, so save your pennies!


Festival season means that more fabulous items get purchased because they are needed, but it also means they don't stay in the store as long. Check back frequently to see all of our new great stuff! Our crafty streak has not stopped despite our busyness; we've added handpainted pentacles to our available products. Some of you will remember that I made several of these a few years back, before I had a store. Each one is a handpainted original work of art that will never again be exactly imitated, though variations on my "Triple Moon" design have been popular. Rowean is helping with this project and some of the designs you see emerging in the store are hers, some are mine, and many are the result of our combined efforts and inspiration. The order from Quebec has arrived and the order from Massachusettes is on the way, though hampered by back orders and the mail strikes. This even benefits our clientele at a distance - we now have more than 1000 items available for sale at our Web Store:


For those who are interested in our side projects: I am trying to streamline the list and very soon will stop cross-posting. If you'd like to keep track of my personal blog, my writing, matters Wiccan and my other projects, you can find that at If you are interested in the Pagan Pathfinders Podcast, you can find that information at If you want to know what's happening with our local Wiccan Temple, you can find that at


Please sign up as site members to receive our newsletters and announcements!


Last, two things that are VERY IMPORTANT to note! First, FB has forced us to change to the new groups format. In order to avoid becoming a limited social network, we have been forced to start a new fan page, and start over. Please, if you wish to continue to be connected to this group, change over to the new one as soon as you can! You will find the new group at Please join today!


Second, the city is beginning a major construction project on July 2 that will affect traffic on 30th Avenue until October. This concerns us because we have noticed that when 30th Avenue is blocked off, our traffic dies down to almost nil and we might as well go home. Since we can't go home for six months or we won't have a shop anymore, we advise our clientele that they may find it easier to approach us from the Library (that's 31st Street) or from 32nd Avenue (which runs past Innerspace Diving off of Hwy 97, or the Greyhound Bus depot and Cenotaph Park if you are coming from 27th Street or Pleasant Valley.) There are parking spaces available along those streets, which are often easier to get to than 30th Avenue anyway, and if you park up at the Civic Arena, which is on 31st Street, you can park for free!


Our current practitioners' schedule for drop-ins is as follows:


Monday, Wednesday, and most Fridays 12 pm to 5 pm - Sable Aradia, Psychic Witch, Reiki Master - Tarot and Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra balancing, Crystal healing, information on Wicca and magick


Monday 1 pm to 5 pm - Selena Wong, Psychic & Life Coach - channelled readings, co-creative meditation, counselling


Tuesday 12 pm to 5 pm - Erin Righ, Psychic Witch, Reiki Master - Tarot and Reiki, Chakra balancing, information on Wicca and magick, pastoral counselling from a Wiccan/Pagan perspective


Wednesday 11 am to 3 pm, appointments from 9 am to 5 pm (until June 21) - "The Medium, the Witch and the Shaman" Lois, Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master - Channelled psychic readings, Mediumship, Energy clearings, Healing Matrix, Reiki; Sable Aradia, Psychic Witch and Reiki Master (see above); and Victoria Willard, Natural Health Practitioner and Shaman - Reiki, Thai massage, Herbal Consultations, Quantum Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Thursday 12 pm to 5 pm, Saturday 1:30 pm to 5 pm - Rowean, Psychic Witch - Tarot reading, Reiki healing, henna body art


Michelle, Tarot Reader & Psychometrist - available by appointment only.


Victoria and Lois are available by appointment only after the 21st of June until September.


June Events:

June 1 - MWS Discussion Night & Podcast "Riding the Energy Wave" 6 pm to 8 pm; by donation


June 15 - last drop-in day for the Medium, the Witch & the Shaman for the summer 11 am to 3 pm


June 17 - Mini Psychic Fair! 3 pm to 7 pm; $10 per 15 minute reading or healing; all profits to Okanagan Pagan Pride


June 18 - Sunshine Festival 9 am to 5 pm; store remains OPEN


June 24 - Messages from Spirit 6 pm to close; $10 per person, first dozen people accepted only


June 26 - Eight Paths of Power #4 "Intoxicants" 11 am to 5 pm; $50 per person, please preregister


July 1 - Canada Day; store CLOSED


July 1-3 - Sun Wheel Festival, Alberta


Enjoy your summer!


Blessed be,

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