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Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:

An it harm none, do what ye will.


Many Pagans profess to follow the Wiccan Rede. But consider what it actually means. Does it really mean that we must “harm none?” Is that even possible?


I don’t believe the Rede is an admonition that we must be perfect in all things. There are times when “harming none” is simply not possible, when the ethical choice must bring harm to somebody in order to minimize harm to others. For example, if someone were being physically assaulted, how would you deal with it? Not doing anything permits the victim to continue to receive harm. Acting against the attacker, even to simply phone the police, is likely to bring harm to the attacker. How can you harm none in this situation?


But neither do I believe that the Rede is permission to simply do whatever you want regardless of the consequences. Acting thoughtlessly in the interests of one’s own self-gratification most certainly will bring harm to someone.


I believe that the Rede is both permission to act without guilt when an actio

n is harmless (yes, it’s okay to eat one cookie, lounge in a hot bath and ignore the phone for a few minutes, or take pleasure in an erotic encounter between consenting adults); and an admonition to consider the consequences of one’s actions before acting (would you really be able to eat just one cookie, or will you blow your diet completely? Are there any outside parties who would be hurt by the aforementioned erotic encounter?) Acting without unnecessary guilt is life- and joy-affirming, and empowering to the human spirit. But acting thoughtlessly is harmful to oneself and others.


Essentially, it is a charge to personal responsibility. Nothing is forbidden, but everything has a consequence, and you must live with those consequences. The Threefold Law states that anything you do shall be returned to you threefold, so we should also consider this in our decision-making, particularly when it comes to magick, which involves changing reality to suit your Will.


It’s complicated, and there are no clearly-drawn lines to define our decisions. The path is rife with pitfalls. Yet I believe that by learning through hard experience to tread lightly in our lives, as opposed to consulting a rulebook that lays it all out for us, we ultimately become truly ethical and moral people who take the long view in most things, yet savour the moment and so, enjoy life.


Blessed be,

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Well, I think this... take a spell that "didn't " work. It did not work for that very harm none. Some may not know, or can fathom ( perhaps they are newcomers), at the moment of casting, the reasoning for the failled spell, but you do, or do not get what you asked for because of the reason of the Creed.Think about all the variables in the example of the assult, think about all of the events that day that had to syncronize precisely for you to be at that place ,and at that time,as a witness, then think about all of the other events in the lives of the two people in the assult situation that also must be syncronized precisely to bring all participants together at the precise time.What about the person being assulted? it Karmic return? quite possible.And the assulter,what change in that life is to result from the situation? The directions resulting to everyone's live's involved are almost infinate....and all because fate has led everyone there,to that place, at that time. Are you to intervene? Thats hard to answer.We all have inate,nurturing,and protecting qualities.If your not to intervene,then why are you there? I would likely know it is a lesson, a lesson to learn  Karma and intuition.Perhaps the witness is not the helping kind,and would then learn to help someone in trouble,only to have that help returned 3 fold, why?...perhaps the witness will need help from a stranger in the future...perhaps it is a test of some form of faith to the witness,perhaps an awakening of some form for the witness...perhaps the one being assulted is needing help from good Karma to be, the reasoning and logic, could go a 1000 different paths,and never end.Then fitting in the 3 fold law,and ye harm none portions of the creed in all this can be very difficult. Therefore,defining the power of the universe is absolutely impossible,but harnessing it is.Take a good look through a life,think about major events that have happened,good or bad,then think of the results.Those within the watchtowers know exactly what's right ,whether wanted or not. So I will say now I do not often spell, just "communicate" ... natural communication ( tree's,streams,rocks,elements )...having said that, Morrigan and Aradia are those very close,they provide the precise fate needed to me .Trusted and honored,they do not forsake .So then when people say a spell did not work, it did, by not working, and leaving behind something not right for the spell casters life....( "if it harm none".) I feel this is, by definition, fate and destiny, not to be argued, ignored,or confused with a failed spell.... ( not counting a spell performed wrongly,but then there is fate in that also ).Then,of those who do not fully understand the forces they are working with,and state "my spell did not work" is quite commonly heard,less all that is needed is a little more study,practice,and connection.Acting thoughtlessly is not only insulting to yourself and others involved,but also to the guiding watchtowers.The universe does forgive errors in learning life and magick....but not forever.These are just my thoughts,and what i've learned over an amount of years....I hope others might read,and think and learn also about these things.The Creed does exist,we just have to learn how to listen.







To eat just one cookie?....sorry, that's impossible,and like saying water isn't wet enough.  )0(  

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