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MM Sable

I placed a necklace ( red jasper ) in a rain storm to bless.Thinking a bird had taken it away for it's nest,or food ( the red stone being mistaken for a berry ) I consulted my pendulum to find.I went through the house,all the while having no for an answer in every room.I then went outside,and was told it was west.I continued west,stopping every 20 feet or so to re-check pendulum.Ended up at the end of the property,still being told west.Decided to stop through fear of neighbours watching me oddly as I held my pendulum in their yards looking still.Discovered my roomate had being wearing it for 2 days,thinking it was their's ( ordered them at the same time ).I then found my roomate's outside a bedroom door in the house.Asked roomate if they where west anytime,and they were'nt.My pendulum has never been wrong...until now.Do you know what is happening here?





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Merry meet, Cale!


Well, the first possibility is that your roommate was west at the time and forgot, or didn't realize which direction was west.  Suppose your roommate was out driving somewhere in that direction, or at work, or maybe visiting a neighbour out that way?


Another possibility is that you have a strong energy line (natural subterranean stream, magnetic vein, or maybe a ley line) that overwhelmed the pendulum with its energy and you were following it.


A third possibility is that you have a mischievious entity in the house that a) hid your roommate's necklace, and/or b) led you on a merry chase!  When was the last time you did house protection stuff, or smudged?


A fourth possibility is that the pendulum itself picked up something in the storm.  I mean, it *was* a storm!  Air spirits are chaotic, especially when they are making storms.  Or, the electromagnetic energy of the storm could have confused the pendulum temporarily, which should wear off after a while.  If you personally have ever done a really great ritual and felt jittery and over-energized afterwards from an "overcharge" of energy until you have "grounded," that might be what is going on with your pendulum.  Try doing something to "ground" the energy of the pendulum, like maybe putting it on a hematite stone or burying it in the earth or in/on some salt (but make sure that your stone will not be damaged by this, salt can be corrosive and some stones will be scratched by other stones in the dirt!) for a day or so, and test it again with something you know the answer to.


If you could let me know how it turns out, I would appreciate it!  I will learn something either way.


Blessed be,

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....sorry,...I am late writing,and I have been on a project with music,and you are everywhere now by the schedule.These are things I know: this house I know is clear,my roommate was away all day,and did not leave there,which leaves these: un-grounded pendulum,then ley lines.My rulers are water,and the west, therefore these things make sense,...then grounding,which I have'nt done to it. I must try this,and see....then I will write and say what happened.But things I already know, I don't like to ask pendulum about, which reveals an uncertain place,but  granted this test by them, It will be ok........I hope.






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Lois - The Spiritualist Medium in "The medium, The Witch, and The Shaman."
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As I read your tale and question I was pondering if the pendulum was looking for a bird nest - as that was also strong in your mind.  :)


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