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Good morning Sable,

I'm hoping that you can give me some insight on this. At various times in the past objects appeared (I didn't see it happen) after I have asked for a sign... the time previous to this was...I ended up with 7 watches, none of them worked but I knew what the message was. This time upon awakening I found a $5 Casino chip in the middle of my livingroom. It wasn't there the night before,I have not had company since Nov. I live alone, have no pet, I have never been to this casino either way I'm not concerned on how it got there but more what it could mean. I think this could mean that I'm "on the money" or money that has been a long time coming will soon be here or I should go to the casino and use the

Any ideas?

Thank You in advance,

Love and Light Elfengreen

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No answer so therefore my post gets deleted without any acknowledgement what so ever.....very interesting. Fear not this in action itself speaks volumes.

Blessed Be,


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Hi there!  I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you; nobody had used the Forums in so long that I quite frankly stopped watching them, and for some reason this didn't come through on my email.

My personal belief on the symbolism of dreams, visions and omens is that they are very personal.  I don't hold with dream interpretation books that encyclopedize things.  I don't believe that if you dream of a pig it always means one thing, for example.  What does a pig mean to you?  Is it a positive or a negative association that you have with it?

Omens, through life or dreams, will speak to you in your own personal language of symbolism.  For example, ravens in large numbers tend to mean that I am about to undergo a positive transformative experience when I see them.  That's because I have a positive association with ravens; I regard them as one of my totem animals, and I like the traditional association that they have with opening barriers between worlds.  They really can take any form; including seeing the Virgin Mary in a potato.  As long as it has meaning to you, it is effective.

That being said, though it's probably long past now, I think that you're probably right in that the chip means that you probably were "right on the money," and the watches might mean "the time is now." You are right to trust your own intuition in these matters.

I hope you will forgive my silence and let me know how it turned out!

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